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My New Room

Juli 3, 2009 2 komentar

“Oh my god”, Its a first word that my friend usually say to me after they saw my room. Its has a lot garbage, and maybe rats hide on there. My wall paint is now blended of white and yellow color ( the real color is white, but on some part of my wall convert to blue because some fungus). Baca selengkapnya…

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Find your Favorite Lamps

Januari 3, 2009 1 komentar

Since Thomas Edison Alpha find electric light bulb, people have depended on it  as they depended need food. Now days lamps have been used not only for the torch room, but more than that, lamps included in the decoration of the room which have  sense of art and beauty that shows the owner class.

As you can see in, various lamps such as floor lamps, table lamps, desk lamps and many other collections have the beauty and image of the appropriate add to the beauty of your room. You can choose any kinds of lamps for you home from there and you can suit any kind of lamp with your budget, taste, needs, size or model.

Then you may shop by lamp brand, by lamp application or by style in cheap prizes. You can search lamp product by search tool that quickly helps you to find the perfect lamps for your application.  So, what you waiting for? find your favorite lamps there

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