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My 2009 Dream Car

everybody has a right to dreaming. We dreaming, and set our goal achievement, and fulfill it with our power. So do I, I have a lot dream that I have a nice simple house and a brand new car on this year. I had ever list my dream car on the beginning of year after I read some source on internet and I found several references about what is the best car for me.

What were them?

I pick honda odyssey on my first candidate. Honda is the best choice for family minivan with superb style and price. Then chevrolet impala for elegancy of work activity vehicle, subaru outback for freedoms of sport car, and the last audi r8 tho most luxury and exactly expensive car 😀

It is to high-flown dream for you? for me also, but nothing impossible in this world as long as we try to get it. Indeed difficult for this year, but this is enough to motivate me better try again, How about you? Do You have a dream car?

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  1. Yep
    Juli 16, 2009 pukul 4:07 pm

    Bos…link juga sudah aku pasang ya ? Thanks 🙂

  2. Juli 16, 2009 pukul 8:08 pm

    Kalo impianku..apa ya?

    *mikir dan melamu* mode on

  3. Juli 20, 2009 pukul 10:54 am

    Salam kenal..
    Aq blogger baru (bukan, mau tanya… apa bisa aq gabung di forum ? Gimana caranya ?

  4. Juli 25, 2009 pukul 3:48 pm

    bingung mau comment apa ya…???

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