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My New Room

“Oh my god”, Its a first word that my friend usually say to me after they saw my room. Its has a lot garbage, and maybe rats hide on there. My wall paint is now blended of white and yellow color ( the real color is white, but on some part of my wall convert to blue because some fungus).

Yesterday after my salary received, I spend some of them to get a new room lamps to make a new good mood of lightning in my room. I combine desk lamp beside of my pc with new photo frame and remove vase (and imitation rose too). Its enough? Not yet!… My bad cover its look like pre WW2 legacy. I replace it with a new one, I hope I can sleep tightly after it.

And the result, its beyond of my imagination. Its bring a new look of my room decoration. I move some stuff that I seldom use to cupboard and make a more space of my room.  Next month when my other salary received, other furniture and decor like new chair and windows curtains are the candidates of  the most wanted money spend to.

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  1. Juli 3, 2009 pukul 3:29 pm

    it would be perfect if u upload your new room pic…

  2. Juli 11, 2009 pukul 8:01 pm

    enjoy ur new room bro
    wish u get more comfort

    gaji pertama yah he2

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