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Searching for Jackie Chan (Film Mandarin Setting Indonesia)

Judul Film ini : Searching for Jackie Chan

Cast :
Zhang Yishan
Jackie Chan (cameo)
Yuen Wah
Yuen Qiu
Jiang Hongbo
Yuan Wenting

Searching for Jackie Chan” is a new movie depicting adolescent dreams realistic or not. The movie held a screening for veteran artists earlier last week.

The hero of the 100-minute movie is Zhang Yishan, a 17-year-old TV star. Zhang became nationally famous for his role in the popular TV drama “Kids”.

The movie tells about a Chinese boy, Zhang, living in Indonesia with his parents. He is fond of kung-fu and attends a local training school. But he is often mocked there for his poor Chinese. Zhang then decides to go to Beijing in hopes of studying with his idol Jackie Chan. He suffers his share of difficulties before finally getting to meet Jackie Chan who tells him the importance of learning Chinese before kung-fu.Jackie Chan himself makes a brief appearance in the movie. More than forty popular TV actors have got involved in the project, which is rare for a teen flick.

The movie is slated for release in China on July 3.

Film drama ini bercerita ttg seorang remaja tionghoa miskin bernama Zhang Yishan yang tinggal di Indonesia bersama orangtuanya. Ia menyukai seni beladiri kungfu dan sangat mengidolakan Jackie Chan. Zhang memutuskan kembali ke negeri asalnya di China, untuk memperdalam ilmu kungfu nya dengan mencari Jackie Chan. Disana lah ia bertemu dengan idola master kungfu-nya, Jackie Chan.

Jackie Chan hanya tampil sebagai cameo dalam film ini, cerita lebih difokuskan pada sang anak bernama Zhang. Yang menarik, ada sekitar 40 aktor TV serial China yang ikut meramaikan film ini. Untuk skripnya yang memakai setting di Indonesia, sepertinya ga syuting Indonesia tapi di tempat lain, gpp lah yang penting Indonesia jadi plot cerita dimana anak ini tinggal. Kita sebagai WNI harus bangga dengan adanya film ini yang memakai setting Indonesia, jarang2 ada film mandarin pake setting Indonesia. Film ini akan dirilis 3 Juli di China.

Khusus foto ini, perhatikan baik2 seragam SD pada gambar lambang saku kanan tulisan SD

sama dengan yang seragam SD ini kan


Jackie Chan has been in one hundred movies, but in the new movie bearing his name Chan only makes a cameo appearance. The star of ‘Searching for Jackie Chan’ is Zhang Yishan, a 17 year old TV actor making his debut in a feature film.

Zhang is a Chinese teenager living with his family in Indonesia. Zhang loves kungfu and trains at a local school but suffers the jeers of his classmate because his Chinese isn’t very good. Zhang decides to head to Beijing to meet the mighty Jackie, and hopefully study with him. The journey is a long and arduous one and Zhang goes through quite a bit before he finally meets the man himself. In what I can only assume must have been a bit of a letdown for young Zhang, Chan tells Zhang that learning Chinese must come before kung fu.

This seems like a slightly dubious premise; Chan himself has always seemed to put his movie gongfu ahead of language learning, and his recent statements about the dangers of freedom for Chinese people, caused an uproar online, and in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

‘Shaolin Temple’, Jet Li’s first movie, caused so many children to run away to Shaolin that a special train had to be built to ship them all back. The producers of ‘Searching for Jackie Chan’ seem to be hoping their movie will have children swarming their Chinese classrooms, and of course, movie theaters as well.
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