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Another way to support charitable activities

Not everyone can have fun, not all people can get money easily, and not all people can share with others through charitable activities. But Do you know that you can do three at once?. Be a Dare Dealer, after you registered as member you can browse the site for goofy stunts & athletic feats that people pull. When you find something that you’d actually pay to see – anywhere from $1 or more, make a contribution. after you got enough credit, you can see all performance.

Another option, be the dealer. In you can earn additional revenue with your crazy activities video post, make a challenging video then let everyone know what you plan to do, your price and where the money goes. You must donate at least 10% to charity, but you get to pocket the rest. When anybody interesting on your project, do your challenge plan and post your video before 30 days and you will be payed. Challenges like the Eating and Drinking, a lot Fun and Games challenge, Public Embarrassment challenge, sports and Fitness challenge, and Unusual situations that will bring some bucks into your pocket and also to help other charity activities.

So, what are you waiting for? earn money with a fun way and at a time to care about each other. It called small feats for big change

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