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Web TV and Football

you feel watching football and then see it review in the newspaper to give it sophisticated? think again.

Watch as it is ancient, now the digital era. Quite a short break after working in front of your computer, then open and you will find a futuristic web to bring all aspects of football in one web tv.

Carlsberg web-TV, the service provider bring this flash technology sophisticated and easy to reach. You can watch your vave club, from this 5 channel show all aspect about football.

Visitors can also upload video and the unforgettable moments associated with the club audiences.

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  1. Desember 13, 2008 pukul 4:31 pm

    oh yeah. gw ga suka nonton bola tapi

    • Desember 14, 2008 pukul 7:50 am

      Sukanya nonton apaan dong Fa?

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